Anonymous asked:
People always complain about how horrible Med School is and complain that it isn't worth it. As someone in Med School do you have any regrets?



Med school is not worth and horrible it if you’re in it for the wrong reasons.






It’s what your parents/family expects you to do.

You are afraid of trying what you really want to do.

You don’t think any other job is worthwhile.

You want to prove how smart you are.

You don’t actually care about others.

If any of these motives lie in that dark underbelly of your consciousness that you only ever examine at night when you can’t sleep, then I suggest you find another career. Because not only will you be miserable as a physician, but your patients will suffer as well- and they deserve better. Because med school is not fun in a lot of ways.

It is a huge time commitment.

It is very stressful.

It is sleep-depriving sometimes.

It is intimidating.

It is expensive.

But, if you want to help people (cliché as that sounds) and can’t imagine doing anything else, you will also be having the best time of your life at the same time. The path to becoming a physician has highs and lows, and if the lows aren’t worth it to you- and there are some real deep lows- don’t do it.

I do not have any regrets myself.

I approve of this response. Well said.

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